Building a 1933 Harley-Davidson VL: Front Brake Cable and Hand Lever Installation

Connecting the front brake is relatively straight forward and requires only a few tools to complete.  To get started, you'll first run the control cable through the control coil.  Spraying a little cable lube into the control coil will help the cable slide through and it is one less thing for you to remember to do later.  On one end of your control cable there should be a crimped metal slug.  This slug fits into a slot on your brake lever and is held in place with a small set screw.

Building a 1933 Harley-Davidson VL: Front Brake Hub Rebuilld

Like the rear brake hub, the front brake hub also contains two sets of bearings.  Assembly is similar to that of the rear, although there are a few more parts that make up the completed hub.  Again, you'll first want to clean all your parts, making sure to clean out the grease passages on the bearing sleeve.

Building a 1933 Harley-Davidson VL: Rear Brake Hub Rebuild

If you've worked on any modern (as in post 1937) wheel/brake set ups, you know that all the bearings are mounted inside the wheel hub.  This is not the case with the earlier style wheels/brakes used on Harley's V-series (1930-1936).  Instead, the V-series uses bearings mounted in both the wheel hub and inside the brake hub.  Spreading the load between two sets of bearings in the wheel and brake hubs may sound like a good idea, but in reality it leads to more maintenance and more chances for failure.  Still, I've decided to keep the bike as original as possible and will be running it with the original set up.

Building a 1933 Harley-Davidson VL: Handlebars

If you've never put together a set of vintage Harley-Davidson handlebars before, you'll be surprised by just how many parts are needed to complete the job.  The control coil system which operates the throttle and spark advance are an ingenious set up, but have far more pieces than you would find in your typical modern throttle cable.  Luckily, assembly is very straightforward and only takes a couple hand tools to complete.

2015 VMA International Swap Meet and Bike Show

The Vintage Motorcycle Alliance, LLC is proud to announce the 4th Annual “International Vintage Motorcycle Swap Meet and Show” in picturesque Eustis Florida at the wonderful Lake County Fairgrounds on March 6, 7 and 8,  2015.  Last year’s association with the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club and the success of their sponsored antique motorcycle show and road run has prompted VMA to again remain open Sunday and forge “Destination Eustis 2015” into a family driven extravaganza.  There is building anticipation of a much larger display of vintage machines in the main exposition building and we have offered vendors the chance to enhance sales by staying another day to provide vintage parts to the public.  Visitors previously unable to attend on Friday or Saturday can now enjoy the bike show and interact with celebrated vendors to purchase necessary parts for their projects.  Seminars by officiandos and tradesmen will be offered to enlighten novices, collectors and enthusiasts to the fine arts of owning, maintaining and riding vintage machines. 

This will be the 20th year an antique motorcycle swap meet has been presented at the Lake County Fairgrounds and the Vintage Motorcycle Alliance has joined forces with town officials to promote “Destination Eustis”.  We recognize the criteria that makes Eustis enticing to antique motorcyclists, the peaceful ambiance, ample amenities, quality entertainment and an easy access location.   

The Vintage Motorcycle Alliance with their enthusiastic sponsors and amiable vendors promise to provide an event recognized for variety,,,, OEM used, NOS and top shelf NEW replacement parts, as well as literature, memorabilia and educational information for your classic machine.  The Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club is energetically promoting another rare opportunity to enjoy a spectacular display of International vintage machines.  They expect great diversity with classic bobbers and choppers, military vehicles, vintage restorations, factory original paint bikes, antique racing and touring machines and daily riders from around the planet.  Fine examples from Japan, the United States, Italy, Germany, England and Sweden, ALL two and three wheeled and ALL in excess of twenty years old.  We anticipate winning bikes from National “Board Track” racing and AMA sanctioned events and several highest scoring machines from the “2014 Cannonball” challenge to be on hand for your viewing pleasure as well as their owners and riders for conversation and inspiration.

Mark us on your calendar now, don’t miss “Destination Eustis”.  Come see what we have planned! 

For more pertinent details and an interactive site map with vendor signup page please visit; WWW.VINTAGEMOTORCYCLEALLIANCE.COM