Day 3: Crows and the Cumberland Gap

Our first night of camping was cut short around 5AM by a flock of crows that descended on our campsite and began making a noise that would put even the boldest rooster to shame.  After about an hour they flew off to wake up some other campers, but by then the chance of going back to sleep had already passed.  So I dragged myself out of the tent and began the task of packing up.  Of course it also rained during the night which made for a dreary morning.

On our way out of town, we passed an old train station and pulled in for a few pictures.  The building now houses some offices and a tanning saloon, which diminished the historic vibe.  It still looks pretty cool if you don't look at the signage too closely. 

We rolled on through Virginia, dipping down into Tennessee for a dozen miles or so before making our way through the Cumberland Gap.  I've heard that name all my life, most recently in the song "Wagon Wheel" and since it was time for lunch we decided to check out the town.

Turns out Cumberland Gap is a fairly small place, but we did find a coffee shop that served an excellent lunch.  If your ever in the neighborhood, check out the Gap Creek Coffee House and Cafe.

After lunch, we passed through the Cumberland Gap Tunnel and into the hometown of Lee Majors.  For the next ten minutes, I couldn't stop making that 6 Million Dollar Man sound inside my helmet...  
Not to be outdone, the next town had a large sign boasting that they were the home of an international trampoline champion.  That was almost worth stopping for, but the afternoon was wearing on, so we pressed on to Russell Springs, KY.

Our home for the night was a large KOA campground, located well outside the city limits on a bluff overlooking Lake Cumberland.  Based on the number of boat related businesses we passed on the way in, Lake Cumberland must be a huge lake, but the campground was so wooded, we couldn't really make out the lake at all.  Still the campground was clean and being that it was off season, we had the place practically to ourselves.

So far, day 3 was our top mileage day, covering just over 240 miles.  

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