Day 1: The Journey Begins

After almost two years of hard work, patient waiting and more than a couple sets of busted knuckles, my cross country journey has finally begun!  Our starting point was Emerald Isle, North Carolina and with waves crashing behind us we headed west on a sunny Saturday morning.

I'm riding a blue 1933 Harley-Davidson VL and Tim is astride the red 1934 Harley-Davidson VLD. The "D" in VLD denotes a slight performance upgrade that uses a Y-shaped intake manifold instead of the standard T-shaped manifold used on the VL models.  My '33 actually has VLD cylinders, which is not correct, but every bit of extra horsepower helps on these old machines.

Our route today took us through eastern North Carolina and on into the central part of the state.  Since my house happened to be on the way, we decided to forgo camping for one more night and stayed at my house for the night.  This also gave us easy access to tools and a chance to go over the bikes one more time before truly setting off across the country.

The bikes made the 170 miles from the coast to my home without incident. Let's just hope the remaining 3500 miles go as smooth.

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