Day 2: Dew Country

It's an odd thing to wake up in your own bed when you are on a trip, perhaps that is what it feels like when you own an RV...  Regardless, a good nights sleep should never be passed up before a long day of riding and I'm glad to have gotten one.  From here on out I'm sure the accommodations won't be quite as nice, but sleeping under the stars adds to the adventure and seems more fitting for a trip on antique motorcycles. 

Heading due north from my house, we hit the Virginia border within an hour. Just a few miles into Virginia, we turned west onto Highway 58 and rolled on towards the Appalachian Mountains.  Along the way I noticed signs at every gas station proclaiming that "Virginia is Dew Country".  I guess the old motto of "Virginia is for Lovers" doesn't sell as many sodas.

As lunch time approached, we were winding our way into the mountains which were big on scenery but sparse on restaurants.  Just outside of Hillsville we spotted a place that looked promising and pulled into the parking lot.  From the outside it may not look like much, but the food was excellent and the prices were almost as cheap as the gas.  We also got some travel advice from the cook and changed up our route, heading north on Interstate 77 and then cutting back south on Interstate 81.

Another 50 miles down the road and we decided to take a break from getting whipped around by the traffic on I-81 and pulled into a rest stop.  The bikes drew a small crowd and which gave us the chance to question some of the locals about a good place to camp for the night.  Turned out one of the rest stop attendants was a retired park ranger and he gave us directions to a nearby campground at the Hungry Mother State Park.

Although there were some nice looking spots on the lake, Camp C came highly recommended, so we passed them by.  Turned out that Camp C was at the top of a tree covered hill and all the campsites were set on wooden decks.  Maybe not exactly what I had in mind, but there was plenty of room for my Atacama Expedition Tent from Redverz Gear and I was excited to set it up for the first time.  Besides having plenty of room for me and all my gear, it also has a garage so my bike can stay out of the weather too.  What more could you ask for in a tent!   

Made it another 170 or so miles today.  We are going to have to start putting in some longer days if we want to make it to California in three weeks.  

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Knucklehead said...

Thanks for letting us all come along. I am surprised at you "changing route and jumping on the interstate". What is your top crusing speed on those old flatties?