The Cycle Tow - Precursor to the Servi-Car

Harley-Davidson had been very successful in the commercial market with it's Package Truck, but there was a need for a "towable" motorcycle that had not yet been filled.  An enterprising Californian company took it upon themselves to fill that gap with what they called the Cycle Tow.

First available in 1930, the Cycle Tow system could be added to a standard Harley-Davidson VL or DL motorcycle.  The two additional rear wheels were deployed when the motorcycle needed to be towed and then folded up and forward when the motorcycle needed to be ridden solo.  The system worked well for towing, but the motorcycle was awkward and unstable when ridden solo.  Although not a success financially, the Cycle Tow inspired Harley-Davidson to design the Servi-Car.  In 1932, the first Servi-Car went into production and they were continuously produced until 1973.