A Look Inside the Harley-Davidson Factory of Yesteryear

This collection of Harley-Davidson factory photos contains a little bit of everything.  There are pictures showing the assembly of some of Harley's earliest V-twin motorcycles, then progressively more modern motorcycles until reaching the XR-750 race bike built in the 1970's.  A variety of other factory jobs are covered including drafting, frame/engine/sidecar construction, paint, testing and packaging.  The factory seems to have changed over the years.  You'll see the same assembly dollies with JD's, flatheads, knuckleheads and panheads rolling down the same line.  It's great to see these vintage motorcycles coming together as Harley begins it's 110th Anniversary celebration.

Drafting Department
Frame Construction
Sidecar Construction
Motor Assembly
Motorcycle Assembly
Final Inspections
Parts Packaging
Motorcycle Packaging
Ready for Sale