Deadbeat Customs Cloth Covered Spark Plug Wire Install

After riding my '64 Duo-Glide with a set of generic black AutoZone wires for a couple of years, I decided it was time to upgrade to a decent set of cloth covered wires.  After looking around the net, I decided on a nice looking set of red cloth covered wires from Deadbeat Customs.

These wires are produced by Lowbrow Customs and come with the spark plug terminals already installed.  You just have to cut the wires to length, crimp on the terminals for the coil and install.  Should be about a 30 minute job if you have the right tools.  Here's the steps I followed, which shows just how easy it is to install these wires.

This is what each wire set includes:  4 feet of plug wire with the spark plug terminals already attached, two coil boots and two coil terminals.

Check out the spark plug terminal.  Don't try to grab hold of it while your motorcycle is running...

Step 1:  Remove your old spark plug wires and use them to cut the new spark plug wire to the proper length.  If your installing these on a new build, I recommend cutting them a little longer than you think you'll need.  It's a lot easier to shorten them later and a lot cheaper than buying another set because you cut them too short.

Step 2:  Slide the coil boot onto the plug wire.  You can force the coil boot on later, but you are less likely to damage your new wires if you do it first.  A little dish soap is good for lubricating the boot so it will slide down the plug wire easily.

Step 3:  These plug wires use a stranded copper core.  Very similar to the copper wiring used on the rest of your motorcycle.  Using a standard wire stripper, strip about 1/2" to 3/4" of insulation off the end of the plug wire.  Make sure to use the proper size stripper so you don't cut any of the strands of wire accidentally.  I used a stripper for 10 gauge wire.

Step 4:  Bend the exposed copper core over and down alongside the plug wire.  Loosely fit the coil terminal onto the end of the plug wire and trim off any excess copper core that sticks out below the terminal.

Step 5:  Crimp the coil terminal onto the end of the plug wire.  Make sure that the copper core that you bent back during Step 4 is routed down the backside of the coil terminal away from the open side which is closed in during crimping.  I have a crimping tool which is used for cable TV fittings which works great for this, but you can use a set of pliers if your careful not to let the crimp get too out of round.

Step 6:  Repeat the above steps for your other plug wire and install the finished plug wires on your motorcycle.  At this point you can just sit back and admire your handiwork or better yet, take your motorcycle out for a test ride.