Twin Rivers Chopper Camp Out

The event announcements for 2017 are already starting to roll in and while most of us are sitting around the shop staring at our dusty motorcycles, Zac Gibbons is hard at work putting together an event he calls the "Twin Rivers Chopper Camp Out".  Held August 18-20th at the Twin Rivers Campground in Crumpler, NC, it promises three days of riding through Appalachian Mountains followed by nights camping on the banks of the New River.  Take note that this is an event for choppers, so while technically you don't have to have a chopper to attend, people might look at you strange if you trailer your new Ultra Classic to the campground.

Unless you live in western NC, you've probably never even heard of the community of Crumpler, but if you look on a map you'll see it's located in the northwestern corner of the state.  Basically you just ride north until your almost in Virginia then hang a left and ride west until your almost in Tennessee.  This puts you right in the heart of the Appalachian mountains with great roads to explore, literally in every direction.  Currently there are not any scheduled runs or routes for the weekend, which leaves you free to grab a couple buddies and strike out in any direction you please and ride as long and as far as you want.

When you get tired of riding, there will be plenty to do back at the campground, starting with a slew of chopper games.  I suggest you go ahead and start practicing your low speed skills now and make sure your bike is in good tune by August.  There will also be raft races on the 2 mile long horseshoe bend in the river that encircles the campground.  Tubes are available for rent at the main office, but you are encouraged to bring your own inflatable.  As the sun goes down, the bonfires will be lit and DJ Biggins will be handling the music and announcing raffle prize winners.

To help minimize the about of gear everyone has to bring, food trucks will be stopping through the campground throughout the weekend to provide meals, leaving you only responsible for additional beverages.  Keep in mind that people go to bed early out in the country, so make sure you stock up on whatever you'll need to make it through the night because the nearest 24-hour Walmart is in the next town over.

This will be the second year that the event has taken place at the Twin Rivers Family Campground and although the word "family" conjures up thoughts of early bedtimes and no noise after 9, the campground is so large that the event is located a mile away from the main office. Plus all the primitive campsites have been pre-booked, so you won't be mixed in with a bunch of mini-vans and uptight folks who can't appreciate the sound of a set of drag pipes after midnight.  That means you've got the whole night to tell stories about building choppers, riding across the country or whatever lie comes to mind, the louder the better.

With 7 months until the Twin Rivers Chopper Camp Out, you've got plenty of time to finish that chopper project you started on this winter.  That also means there are seven more months of planning and I'll be updating this page to reflect new details as they are available.  You can also follow along on Instagram @twinriverschoppercampout, on Facebook at Twin Rivers Chopper Camp-Out and hear Zac describe the event in his own words on the Riders on the Norm podcast available on Stitcher and iTunes.

Sponsorship opportunities are available and those interested in finding out how they can help support this event can contact Zac directly via email at: