2014 AMCA Southern National Meet

Here's a big collection of photos from the 2014 AMCA Southern National Meet which was held down in Denton, NC.  I picked out my best shots from the two and half day event and you'll see everything from race bikes to slow races.  Those who came early had to weather a massive thunderstorm on Thursday night, but everything dried out in time for the gates to open on Friday, the first official day of the meet.  Both vendor and general admission numbers were up from last year and I hope to see that trend continue as this is a great event with a great location.

Starting Friday, the swap meet opened at 8 o'clock and things continued right own through Sunday with the AMCA judging.  In between were a couple of antique motorcycle runs around the nearby countryside, field events, bike show, parade, a great dinner with a presentation made by "Round the World" Doug and of course plenty of antique motorcycles to check out.  If you made the event this year, look carefully through these photos, you just might find yourself or your motorcycle having a great time.

Field Games


The Replicant Metals booth was loaded with parts I need for my '33 VL project.  Should have brought a truck to carry it all!

Antique Motorcycle Run Led by the Motor Maids

Antique Motorcycles from Around the Farmpark

AMCA Judging