The Versatile Indian Motorcycle

The first Indian motorcycles were produced from 1901 to 1953.  During that time a multitude of specialty vehicles were produced both by the factory and by ingenious individuals.  Sure an Indian motorcycle was great for transportation, but why stop there?  There are some many possibilities using a motorcycle as a platform to build off of.  A perfect example is the Indian-based motorsled pictured above.  

Early on, Indian motorcycles found their way onto battlefields, being outfitted with sidecar mounted machine guns during the WWI-era.

They also transported wounded soldiers from the battlefield using modified sidecar frames to carry stretchers.

Police forces took note of the military's use of the Indian motorcycle and had a number of machine gun equipped models produced for themselves.

There were also a variety of less violent uses, including transporting multiple passengers as a taxi.

Using a custom sidecar converted this Indian motorcycle into a street sweeper.

Of course, for the winter, a snow plow would be more handy.

These factory built models were designed to be part of the fire department, carrying hoses, fire extinguishers, tools and firemen.

How about a tow vehicle?  Not quite sure how this one worked...

Or a rig for painting the lines on roads.

Indian also produced a three wheeled delivery vehicle called the Dispatch Tow, which was very similar to Harley's Servi-Car.

And a couple more snow vehicles for good measure.