Collector's Edition of Portraits of American Bikers: Life in the 1960s

Due out at the end of November is a new Collector's Edition of Portraits of American Bikers:  Life in the 1960s from Flash Productions.  This limited edition hardcover contains close to 100 photographs taken between 1964 and 1969 by Jim “Flash 1%” Miteff during his time as a member of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club.  Author Beverly Roberts takes us deeper inside the world of this 1%er Club with previously unreleased photographs from the Flash Collection along with the stories behind many of the images, some of which are told by Club members who witnessed the events first hand.  She she also shares her own story of growing up with the Outlaws and what this collection of photographs means to her.  I had the opportunity to discuss the new book with Roberts and to learn a little more about how boxes of old prints and negatives was turned into three books with a fourth in the works.
Ever since her father passed away in 1999, Roberts had been thinking about how best to share these photos with the public and to pay tribute to her Father's work at the same time.  She started out selling prints at motorcycle events to gauge the public's interest in her Father's photos.  The feedback she got from those early events was very positive and she realized that publishing a book was the next logical step.  So about seven years ago she started getting serious about publishing her first book of photos, but she was going to need some help.

That help came from the Outlaw Motorcycle Club, specifically the National President Jack and a member named Jingles.  These two understood the historical significance of her Father's work, especially considering there were few pictures of the Club that survived turbulent 1960's.  The book would not just be for the old timer's to reminisce about days gone by, but as a means of explaining the past to the new generation of members.

There was some initial opposition to the book, as the Outlaws have always prided themselves on being a very private club, but in the end the naysayers were swayed and the Club gave their blessing to the project.  This allowed Roberts to contact many of the individuals who are seen in the photographs.  These members she remembered vividly from her childhood, but had not seen or spoken to in almost 40 years.  The result was a reunion of sorts with her Father's old club brothers and also led to a better understanding of her Father's work as the stories surrounding the photos were related to her.  Some of these stories can be read in this soon to be released limited edition, giving the reader a broader understanding of what these pictures represent.
The first book was released in 2008 and titled Portraits of American Bikers:  Life in the 1960s.  This was followed two years later by a second book, Portraits of American Bikers:  Inside Looking Out.  Now on the 5th anniversary of the first publication, Roberts is releasing a limited edition hardcover of Portraits of American Bikers:  Life in the 1960s.  As part of a special "sneak peak" at the new book, Roberts has given Riding Vintage exclusive access to some of the previously unreleased material.  If that wasn't enough, she is also backing our Rebirth of an American Classic project and will be providing signed copies of her new book to those that support the project.  Then she's taking it one step further and providing copies of Portraits of American Bikers:  Inside Looking Out and Asphalt Range to our more generous donors.