Easy Rider: 44 Years Later

The movie Easy Rider inspired a generation to take to the open road on two wheels and head for the horizon.  Those two iconic choppers have been ingrained in the American psyche ever since and for many have become synonymous with the freedom that we hold dear.  Forty-four years later, the effects of this movie can still be seen in how bikers dress and the numerous motorcycles built in the likeness of the Captain America and Billy bikes.

Just as the weather starts to turn warm and the riding season is almost underway, I like to have Easy Rider playing in my shop as I prep my Panhead.  Nothing gets you motivated like watching Captain America and Billy ride cross country.

This year the sequel to Easy Rider, is due out in theaters.  I haven't seen an official release date, but I'll be interested to see how it compares to the original.  I just hope they use real Panheads and don't try to pass off a TwinCam with fake Pan covers...



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Thanks for jogging a memory!