Duo-Glide Center Stand Install Part 2: Mounting the Center Stand to the Frame

In order to mount the center stand to the frame, the first step is to modify the large boss at the base of the left rear frame tube bracket.  This can be achieved in one of two ways.  Either drill out the tapped boss to 3/8" or thread the boss completely end to end.  If you choose to drill, start with a 3/16" bit and work your way up to 3/8".  I decided to tap the boss instead as this allows for the motorcycle to be put back into stock configuration if the center stand is removed.

The boss is thicker than a standard tap, so you'll need a 3/8"- 24 shoulder tap in order to make it all the way through to the other side.  In the picture you below, there is a standard tap on the left and a shoulder tap on the right.  Notice how the shank of the shoulder tap is smaller in diameter than the cutting threads, so it can pass inside the hole.

The 4 1/2" bolt that passes through the left side boss will also need to be modified.  Using a 3/8 - 24 die, I cut threads almost to the base of the bolt.  Now the bolt can be threaded into the tapped hole in the boss.

At this point you only need to install two bolts to complete the job.  Using the 4 1/2" bolt on the left side and the 4" bolt on the right side, pass the bolts through the center stand bearings and out through the exhaust brackets, leaving the threaded ends protruding though the exhaust brackets.  Two lock nuts are supplied with the kit to fasten the ends of the bolts to the outside of the exhaust bracket.

Make sure not to over tighten the bolts as you won't be able to move the center stand if you do.  Once the bolts and lock nuts are in place, make sure any other bolts you loosened during the installation are tightened back up and you are ready to use your center stand.  

Here's a trick for getting the motorcycle up onto the center stand with one person.  Take a small block of wood (I used a square piece of 2" x 6" lumber) and roll the rear tire onto it.  Now you can get the motorcycle onto the stand fairly easily.  I tried using the stand without the block and couldn't even budge it.  Just getting that rear tire up 1 1/2" makes all the difference.

 I've also included the original instructions from Harley-Davidson for further clarification if needed.