Duo-Glide Center Stand Install Part 1: Prepping the Center Stand

I picked up a used center stand about a year ago and ordered a set of replacement hardware from Colony for mounting it on to my '64 Duo-Glide.  Before the install, I gave the center stand a good visual inspection to see what needed to be done in order to get it road worthy again.  Like most used center stands, there was some damage from the stand coming loose and being drug under the bike.

Also, one of the pivot bearings was missing and the other was well worn.

Additionally, the clip which holds the stand in place, was bent and cracked around one of the rivets.

The first step in reconditioning this center stand was to replace the bearings.  Since one was already missing, I simply hammered the new one in it's place.  To remove the old bearing, I used the new bearing to drive it out, which installed the new bearing at the same time.

Next I drilled the heads off of the rivets and drove them out with a punch.  My rivets had already broken through the back of the tab, so I was able to do this easily.  Otherwise you would need to drill them out.  Make sure to use a #29 drill bit or smaller as you'll need to tap these holes to 8-32.

Once the rivets were removed, I used a #29 drill bit to clean up the holes and then tapped them to 8-32.

The Colony kit comes with a different style clip, which also has slightly different hole spacing.

Using the new clip as a template, I drilled and tapped two additional holes.  This allows for the clip to be positioned in two different locations.  The closer of the two positions is for solo motorcycle mounting and the further position is used when a sidecar is installed due the need to change the spacing of the exhaust bracket.

Using a TIG welder, I ran a few beads over the damaged sections on the bottom of the center stand.

Then I ground the excess weld material off using a belt sander to give the center stand the correct profile.

Now the center stand is ready to be mounted.  Check out Part 2 to see how it goes on the motorcycle.