Petrol Motorcycle Magazine Issue 1

Petrol Magazine is a new publication from the guys at Petrol Moto down in LA and Billy Whiz the former editor of Junk Magazine.  The magazine covers the Southern California motorcycle scene featuring old school custom bikes, local builders, event coverage and some hot chicks thrown in for good measure.  Focusing on the tradesman lifestyle of bike building, Petrol Magazine takes the reader behind the scenes to give a glimpse of what it is like to live and breath motorcycles 24/7.

I received my copy of Issue 1 about a month ago and have read through it several times.  The first thing you'll notice when you pick up a copy is that it is printed on heayweight stock, not the lightweight stuff that you get with most magazines.  I like to keep my motorcycle mags around for later reference, so it's nice to get one that you know is going to last.  

If your going to pay for heavyweight print stock, then you might as well get top notch color printing to go with it and that's what Petrol did.  The magazine is filled with vivid color images as well as a few black and whites to add some artistic flair.  Plus, they are not your usual mugshot style motorcycle shots. The photographers capture the bikes at different angles that give you a better feel for how the lines of the bikes flow.

The first issue has six feature articles covering motorcycles, shops and cars.  The text is written more like short stories instead of the usual parts rundown, which gives you the feeling of a conversation instead of a history lecture.  There is also a twelve page section filled with photos from Born Free 2012.  Advertising is at a minimum, leaving room for content and less fluff.  To top it all off, the last page has a tap and drill size chart plus a thread forms diagram.  Both come in handy around the shop when your working on your own custom build.

Copies are selling for $10 a piece and you can get yours by contacting Petrol Moto by phone or by email.  Look for Issue 2 to be out in April.

PHONE: (310) 913-7049 Oscar
PHONE: (213) 841-6424 Brian