Vintage Biker Christmas List

I've been putting together a list of some of the best products I've discovered this year, just in time for Christmas.  You should be able to find something here for that vintage rider on your list...


This little ratchet kit from Wadsworth Falls Manufacturing Co., is great for roadside repairs.  I have the 52 "Super Deluxe" set and it's come in handy more than a few times.  Plus it is so small that it fits in my windshield bag.  The "Super Deluxe" set is available on Amazon for $75.50.

W.F.M.C Mini Ratchet

The Form-A-Funnel from Pig is an excellent tool for changes fluids on your motorcycle.  It's basically a piece of metal that has a rubberized coating on it.  The result is a funnel that can be bent into whatever shape you need.  Works great for draining the oil tank on my Duo-Glide.  Comes in four different sizes with prices starting at $19.99.


Griots Garage carries some of the finest car care products you can find and their 3" Random Orbital is just the right size for polishing and waxing the tins on your motorcycle.  It uses velcro backed pads and both Griot's and 3M make a variety of different types that will fit it.  The 3" Random Orbital comes in two styles, one with a 10' cord and the other with a 25'.  Pricing is $94.99 and $109.99

3" Random Orbital

No one will argue that the wiring of a motorcycle's electrical system is crucial to it's operation.  Even when your replacing the entire harness, there always seems to be a couple connections that need to be spliced together.  Del City has you covered with this connector.  It features an adhesive lined heat shrink shell which covers a tin plated copper sleeve.  In the center is a low temperature solder.  Just crimp it on and hit it with a heat gun to melt the solder and heat shrink.  The 100 piece assortment is priced at $49.99

Butt Connectors

A good sharp knife is one of the most versatile tools you can have and can easily be carried in your pocket at all times.  This knife from Timberline uses a 3.25" blade made from ceramic, which holds it's edge 10 times longer than steel.  It uses aluminum handles and stainless steel internals, so rust won't be an issue either.  Available for $59.99.

Timberline Ceramic Folding Knife


From Dice Magazine and Wild Honey Productions comes a feature length movie about 6 guys who love and build motorcycles.  As the name indicates, these guys love one particular kind of motorcycle...choppers.  Pick up a copy for $25.00

6OVER the Movie

The El Diablo Run movie chronicles an epic motorcycle run from Southern California to Baja Mexico and back.  Add in a few hundred bikers on hand built choppers and your in for an exciting "ride".   Comes with a DVD, a soundtrack CD and a 24 page photo book.  A steal at $24.99.

El Diablo Run

If your interested in seeing what it takes to ride a pre-1916 motorcycle from coast to coast, then check out White Knuckle.  The movie follows hot rod builder Brian Darwas as he competes in the first Motorcycle Cannonball run, riding from the coast of North Carolina all the way to California.  Add it to your movie library for $24.95.

White Knuckle

 The Wheels Through Time Museum in Maggie Valley, NC is by far the best motorcycle museum I've ever visited.  Dale and Matt always make you feel right at home and it's more like hanging out in a friend's shop than in a stuffy museum.  They've put together a number of DVD's, but if your into motorcycle history, then the Archives Volume One and Volume Two would be a great choice.  Dale and his crew from WTT cover the history of hundreds of significant motorcycles throughout these two DVD's.  At just $15.00 a piece, you might as while pick them both up.

The Archives Volume One
The Archives Volume Two


You can't go wrong with a subscription to American Iron.  I've been a subscriber since 1996 and apparently I'm not the only one as AIM is now the number one Harley magazine in the world.  The great thing about AIM is that they have something for everyone.  Whether you just purchased a new Ultra or your restoring a flathead, you'll find something of interest in every issue.  Subscribe for one year at just $24.95

American Iron

Show Class magazine has just released their 10th issue, so you may not have heard of them yet, but don't let that stop you from signing up for a subscription.  They feature some of the best choppers I've seen and they are built by small shops or individuals in their garages.  You need to be 18 or older to pick up a 6 magazine subscription for $39.00

Show Class

From our friends across the pond comes Greasy Kulture magazine.  They focus on homebuilt choppers, bobbers and hot rods from around the world.  Sign up and have your 6 copies airmailed to your door for $54.95.

Greasy Kulture

New from the publishers of Easy Riders, comes Wrench magazine.  Currently set to 4 issues a year,  it features homebuilt choppers and bobbers along with event coverage, tech articles, etc.  Definitely worth checking out for just $16.99


Petrol Moto just released their first issue on 12/1/12.  Still an underground magazine, they focus on the behind the scenes world of builders who are true craftsman and give the reader a different perspective into what it takes to produce custom motorcycles.  The first issue is available directly from Petrol Moto for $10.00.

Petrol Moto


From MagnetoZoo comes this really cool hand shifter pin.  Copied from a 1932 design, the pin is 18mm across and uses a screw type fastener on the back.  Only 100 made, so get yours quick.  Available for $13.00.

Handshifter Pin
Nobody likes their hair or beard flapping in their face as they ride.  Get it under control with some specially formulated pomade from 74's Forever.  Made by American Greaser Supply Company, you can pick up a tin of "light" or "heavy" for $11.00.

Hair and Beard Tamer

Jamesville builds some of the best custom motorcycles around and their not afraid to use a vintage powerplant for their builds.  They also have a great looking logo.  This key fob goes for $21.00 and if your name starts with a "J", it's even better.  They also put this logo on a T-shirt if your keys are already set.

Jamesville Key Fob

Nothing is worse than a long day in the saddle with a bulky wallet in your back pocket.  This wallet from Rogue Industries is designed to fit in your front pocket, making it more comfortable and harder to steal too.  Comes in a variety of colors and types of leather, prices start at $40.00.

Rogue Wallet

I had to have at least one black T-shirt, so I went with this new design from Dime City Cycles.  Called the "Speed Freaks" tee, it's guaranteed to look good with every pair of jeans you own.  Stick one in your closet for $18.95.

Speak Freaks T-shirt

Motorcycle Parts

The Rat Scoop from Competition Distributing Co is made to fit on all Linkert and Schebler carburetors with a 4 bolt pattern.  It's one of those pieces that you can almost build an entire bike around, it just looks that cool.  Priced at $159.00.

Rat Scoop

A glass shifter knob can really set off a hand shift bike.  These crop up on eBay from time to time, but I found a site in Japan that sells them in a few different colors.  Handmade for a 5/16 - 24 threaded shaft.  Order yours for $71.10.

Glass Shift Knob

Upgrading to an electronic ignition from a points system can make for an easier starting and more reliable motorcycle.  EBeyond 2000 makes replacement ignition systems that fit right inside the stock distributor, so you get the advantage of a modern ignition but you still retain that vintage look.  The Quickstart 2000 start at $165.00 and are available for bikes as early as 1930.

QuickStart 2000

Bitwell makes these stash tubes with black or silver hardware.  Made to mount on the back of a US license plate, there the perfect spot to store your registration or contraband.  Both colors go for $29.99.

Stash Tube

You can't go wrong with a new set of vintage motorcycle tires from Coker Tire.  They have an extensive line of vintage motorcycle tires with authentic tread patterns.  Obviously pricing is fairly variable on these, but I found some 500-16 blackwalls for $157.

Coker Tires

Camping Gear

The Nomad tent from Redverz is the vintage rider's best friend.  It has a built in "garage" to keep your bike dry along with enough space for two campers.  You may think that you don't care if you bike get wet, but how about that roadside breakdown in the rain.  Sure would be nice to carry a dry place to work with you.  Retails for $449.00 and comes in your choice of yellow or green.

                                                           Nomad Tent

Why lug around a florescent orange bulky sleeping bag, when you can have a space saving Oregon Bedroll.  These even come with with an air mattress built-in, so now you just have one thing to roll up when it's time to break camp.  Also has a zip on drizzle cover if you want to skip a tent altogether.  Made from superpoly of canvas duck in black or tan.  Prices start at $224.00 and go up with additional options.

Oregon Bedroll

Now that you've loaded up on camping gear, you need a good way to hold it onto your bike.  Dump those old bungee cords for a set of Motorcycle Stretch Straps from Rok Strap.  These straps are made from nylon webbing, with a loop at each end for easy attachment to your motorcycle without scratching.  Plastic buckles secure the two ends together and a short section of rubber is sewn inline to give the straps some give.  Pick up a pair of the adjustable ones for just $24.00

Rok Straps

 Maybe not technically a piece of camping equipment, but an extra gallon of gas is always good to have on hand when your miles from nowhere.  The Reda Gas can from Reda Innovations is designed to fit into a modern style motorcycle hardbag.  My fits just fine on my Duo-Glide and the can is completely sealed to prevent any leaks.  Cheap insurance for just $29.99.

Reda Gas Can                        

A good camp axe goes a long way to making things easier around the campsite.  The Gransfors Bruks is the "Cadillac" of axes, it's even approved by a number of zombie hunting websites, so it must be good.  You can start out with a mini hatchet for $108 or move up to the double bladed throwing axe if  your worried about an attack.

                                                           Gransfors Bruks Axe