Ortlieb Flight Pack: Part 2

When I returned from the road run, a package had arrived from Aerostich.  I ripped it open and inside was a brand new Ortlieb Flight Pack in black.  Gotta love a warranty...

Like my previous model, this one uses the waterproof TIZIP zippers on all the external openings.  It has two pouches on the the sides for water bottles and an internal multi-section pocket.  The backpack uses a ridged and vented frame with a waist strap which is decently comfortable while riding.  It also has an opening for using a hydration bladder inside the bag and running the hose out the back.  These are sold separately as well as a padded computer sleeve that can be tucked inside.

I'm hoping to get another 5 years out of this new bag and plan to put it into service this week.  We usually get a lot of rain here in the winter, so this has arrived just in time.


David said...

Thank you for writing this post. It has helped me move forward with buying this pack. I'm just wondering if it is possible to use a Camelbak water bladder/tube with this. Anyway keep blogging!